bought the boyfriend back some old spice dayummmm he smells good


30,000 year old flower revived.

Scientists have resurrected a flower from plant tissues found frozen in Siberian permafrost, thought to be 30,000-32,000 years old. The new Silene stenophylla is healthy and fertile, and producing viable seeds.
The experiment has excited many because it proves that material trapped in the permafrost is recoverable and usable - scientists have been working to recover other species of plant and animal life from the same area, such as the woolly mammoth.

what are we going to do with the woolly mammoths

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i have someone to talk to about science omfg yay this makes me so happy :’)


Tonari no kaibutsu kun episode 7


Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (となりの怪物くん) ~ Shizuku Mizutani (水谷雫)

do you know how glorious it is that i haven’t seen one thing on my dashboard complaining about the new posting/reblog update on tumblr 


how i’ll meet my future boyfriend
this is the worst thing anybody’s ever done to me

are they still making bleach episodes?

someone answer pls 

i don’t keep up 

bought some books today~
L Lawliet - Death Note